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Medical Records Moving Off Site

  • 1.  Medical Records Moving Off Site

    Posted 10-17-2019 15:07
    My Medical Records dept is moving out of the hospital to an off site location. We currently do release if information in-house. Does anyone have an off site release if information process that may help me find a solution to what we do with the patients that are at the hospital and wanting copies? I am trying not to have upset patients.

    Tara Yeaton
    H I M Director and Deputy Privacy Officer

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    Posted 10-17-2019 15:22

    One suggestion is to find a space local to or (better yet) inside the hospital for one or two staff to manage 'customer service'. This office would be available for patients to drop off/pick up requests, or swing by for a quick note print out, etc.


    We established two locations for ROI Customer Service, and it has made our patient (and the clinical areas) much happier.



    Maria C. Alizondo, MOL, MLC, RHIT, FAHIMA

    Director | Health Information Management Services

    ISS | Information Services & Solutions 

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    Posted 10-17-2019 18:47
    The site we are going to is in the same town as one if the hospitals. That's at least close. But the other hospital is 20 mins away. Not too far, but....... We are moving out due to no space. I'm still thinking. Thanks for replying!

    Tara Yeaton, RHIT
    Director of HIM Operations
    Deputy Privacy Officer
    MaineGeneral Medical Center