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RHIA recertification CEUs

LISA EICHELBERGER, Health Informatics,Master of Science in Health Inf11-02-2019 08:10

Geri Newman, BS Healthcare Services Administration,RHIT,CHTS-IM11-13-2019 09:30

  • 1.  RHIA recertification CEUs

    Posted 11-02-2019 08:10

    I've found myself in a bit of a bind and my husband suggested I reach out to though a professional forum.

    I have a Masters in Library Science and a Masters in Health Information and Informatics Management. I earned my RHIA in November 2017 and graduated with the MS HIIM in December 2017. I had been a public school librarian before quitting work to be home with my son and get the HIIM degree. Right after I passed the RHIA exam and before I graduated, I was offered a job in the library at my daughter's school...I took it and it has worked out beautifully for my family.   That being said, eventually I want to work in the health information field. To do so, I have to keep my certification I worked so hard for.

    I have to earn 30 CEUs (80% in the Informatics domain...after two emails and a phone call to AHIMA, I still haven't gotten a clear explanation as to what that exactly means) to recertify.  I have 4 CEUs by using the membership tokens to access two webinars.  Per the suggestion of an AHIMA rep, I was going to complete the other CEUs with the more affordable RHIA exam preps. I had them in my AHIMA cart for weeks and now they're completely gone from the website.  As it stands, I'm looking at spending $99 per 2 the $219 membership fee (I paid dues in July 2019 to renew but now I'm due again???).

    I need advise!!!  How can I get free or affordable CEUs for my recertification that are in the informatics domain?

    I feel like I'm running into brick walls a little...both with not being in the field ( experience = no opportunities) and with trying to at least keeping the hope alive that someday I will get my foot in the door.

     I appreciate any guidance.

    Library Media Coordinator

  • 2.  RE: RHIA recertification CEUs

    Posted 11-13-2019 09:30
    Hi, Lisa.

    There are a number of ways to get CEUs for free without going through AHIMA, although, I would suggest constantly reviewing the AHIMA e-Alerts that come out. There's the Monday Coding Quizzes, and various webinars - advocacy, career prep, patient matching, HIPAA - that are offered at no charge throughout the year. This is in addition to the free credits you get each year you renew your membership. Over two years, that's 8 potential CEUs plus the freebies that get thrown in.

    A couple other suggestions. Check out whether or not your state CSA offers any free or low-cost sessions. Also get involved in a regional association in the state where you live. Many of the regionals are affiliates of AHIMA and your state CSA. They have small membership fees because they don't get kickbacks from AHIMA or the state, but they tend to offer CEUs to members at no charge. And volunteer at the regional and state level. If you get involved, you may have an opportunity to earn CEUs for leadership and various activities.

    And finally, when all else fails, there are a wide number of vendors and exhibitors and sponsors that offer CEU sessions for free that offer AHIMA CEUs. You aren't restricted to that (you can use AAPC events and other events as well - just refer to the re-certification guide). The College of St. Scholastica sometimes offers sessions that can earn CEUs. AHA, Elsevier, Dolbey, Pure Storage, himagine solutions, any many many more offer CEU sessions that will fulfill your requirements and can often be signed up for after the event as a no-cost On-Demand offering.

    I hope you find something in this that will be of assistance.

    Geri Newman
    Him Emr Clinical Analyst