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HIM functions and Epic

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    Posted 04-26-2019 16:02
    ​Would any facilities that are currently Epic be willing to share the job functions (ie scanning/linking, ROI, deficiency management, data integrity, portal management, etc) that have remained in HIM post implementation?  Our facility is transitioning to Epic and I am being told that it has been proposed that some of our traditional HIM functions will be pulled out of the HIM Department and put under the Epic Team.  As custodian of the legal record and the one responsible for making sure we have a complete record, I am struggling with this and wondering if this is standard with Epic facilities.

    Sharon Clayton, RHIA
    Director of Health Information Management

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    Posted 04-27-2019 13:40
    Hi Sharon:
    I am not sure what implementation stage you are in; however, over the course of the project, regularly scheduled workgroup meetings between HIM leadership and the analyst and training teams should be conducted. Those meetings should clarify needs and processes for post go live state. HIM leadership should be involved as an active participant in the decision-making process.  I am a consultant the Epic implementations and can provide more specific information offline if you wish.

    Thank you for your time,

    Kathleen Foster
    Emr Principal Trainer

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    Posted 04-28-2019 19:07
    Sharon you are right to express this concern.  You will need to be an active participant in the development process. Stand up for your concerns, ask to go to epic in Wisconsin for training and stand shoulder to shouywithbyjevepicnit folks at your facility. Some work processes will chydomr but not any of the basic principles of HIM you are still the expert on that front. Know that epic itself does not aim to take that knowledge and authority from HIN so check out your own epic team at your facility.

    Jobs that usually ally stay in HIM include analysis and the chart completion process. These tasks will be affected by autocompletion rules in epic that you should understand and approve.  Release of information document sets can be built in epic but again you should understand and control those.

    Doctor or suspension process should still be in your shop. Again you and your managers need to get on the epic user site and find the training materials. Actually your facilities epic HIM build team should be giving those to you.

    Enail me at if you have questions

    Get your physician informatics leader or someone to be your sponsor


    Cecilia Plata
    Director of Health Information

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    Posted 05-13-2019 16:01
    ​Hello, Have worked in HIM at two health care organizations with EPIC . Our HIM functions remained with the exception of "chart assembly" process as there is less hard copy documents and those we do get with 2 x day rounding to the units are scanned into the Epic media tab on site.  The workflow for working the HIM Q's in Epic resulted in no reduction with staffing at either organization and the HIM Specialists spend their time working through the Epic Q's including PAT Q's and some other things we didn't do pre-EPIC.  We continue to learn and have been on EPIC since March 2018. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you want to have further dialogue.  Thanks!

    Karen Fahey
    Health Information Management
    Virtua Memorial Hospital

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    Posted 05-14-2019 09:19

    I previously worked for a facility during its transition to Epic.  It was a painful process and agree with others in this thread.  Fight for your place as the HIM Director and the expert in managing health information.  The only process that was decentralized was point of care scanning.  We had very little paper and the unit clerks scanned that instead of sending to HIM.  The only exception was the ED department.

    Areas to pay particular attention to are the electronic signatures of VOs/TOs.  During our implementation, the system was not built to present VOs/TOs to the physician for authentication.  We also had a lot of trouble with production of the legal record.

    Best of luck to you.

    DeAnn Tucker
    Him Director