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Breach Risk Assessment...Sounds Good...LoProCo

  • 1.  Breach Risk Assessment...Sounds Good...LoProCo

    Posted 10 days ago
    Some of you recognized me with my association with the term and process called "LoProCo".  It is the term and process I came up with when the harm threshold was removed and the low probability of risk parameter was introduced in the HIPAA Breach Notification Rules (Subpart D).

    As a result, I've received a substantial number of requests if I would be open to doing a primer on LoProCo along with a primer on the Risk Assessment process.  The answer is sure...glad to do it.

    I've already set up a sign up link...which is already getting hits.  I don't know the date or time, but let's get the sign ups started just the same.


    Frank Ruelas
    Compliance Professional