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secure texting of orders

  • 1.  secure texting of orders

    Posted 05-03-2019 13:45
    Good afternoon.  We have some physicians that want to secure text orders.  As a facility we have said no.  Our Risk Management company said no.  As an organization we feel that there is to much room for error and could harm patients.  We have a provider stating everyone else is doing this.  Can you tell me if your facility allows secure texting or orders and if you have a policy that you would be willing to share regarding texting of PHI.

    Thanks Kim

    Kimberle Johnson
    [Director HIM/Privacy and Compliance Officer]
    Campbell County Health

  • 2.  RE: secure texting of orders

    Posted 05-03-2019 14:10
    Texting of orders is not permitted via any platform by CMS. See the attached bulletin: