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Disparate systems - dual billing and records

  • 1.  Disparate systems - dual billing and records

    Posted 29 days ago
    My hospital has Meditech EHR, and we have a clinic opening up soon within the hospital walls we will do dual billing for. The clinic records will be on eClinicalWorks EHR and professional fees will be billed through it (providers will be employees of a company with a different Tax ID. The facility fees billed out of Meditech. There is a question as to if we have to have the "record of care" and consents in both systems before we  bill. I say yes as the clinic system is actually part of a separate entity, someone else is saying no, as long as we can show where the record lies...

    Has anyone come up on this and have references from CMS or Joint Commission? My searches are not bearing fruit. Thank you all!

    Deborah Gagne
    Him Director
    Garrett Regional Medical Center