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MRN Merge Process

  • 1.  MRN Merge Process

    Posted 05-06-2019 10:02

    Would you please share your process for merging MRN's and what EMR you are using?
    Specifically, I am interested in knowing if anyone is merging while the patient is in-house, or do you always wait until discharge to correct the error?

    Thank you

    Ashley F.

  • 2.  RE: MRN Merge Process

    Posted 05-07-2019 06:15
    We do not merge while a patient is in-house.  We investigate and confirm the records belong to the same patient.  We then flag the records as confirmed duplicates to alert users of the existence of a second record.  We then monitor for patient discharge and merge the records once discharged.  We are in Epic.

    Jeanne Fernandes
    Administrative Manager His-Empi
    Partners Healthcare

  • 3.  RE: MRN Merge Process

    Posted 05-07-2019 12:14
    We use Micro MD by Henry Schein. We identify, by MRN, both accounts and send them to IT as a ticket for consideration for merging.

    Sabrina Brasuell
    Health Information and Compliance Manager
    Community Health Alliance Reno, NV

  • 4.  RE: MRN Merge Process

    Posted 05-08-2019 00:47
    ​Hi Ashley,

    To preface my organization is on Epic. We have a data integrity/patient identity team who analyzes and performs all merges within Epic. We now have an enterprise wide master patient index since we went live with Epic in 2017.

    We've never merged patient's or performed contact moves (moving an encounter from an incorrectly registered patient to the correct patient) while a patient was still in-house. Given all of our ancillary systems that interface into Epic, it can be a serious patient safety issue if you don't have a concrete process in place with buy in from all clinical areas effected by a merge or patient overlay.

    That said, our providers do not like that fact we merge and move contacts post-discharge. We are exploring what it would take system wide to perform merges and contact moves real time in all situations.

    Kenneth Starkey
    Supervisor, Document & Patient Identity Management
    UMass Memorial Healthcare