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Re disclosure of Patient Information

  • 1.  Re disclosure of Patient Information

    Posted 11-13-2020 13:08
    Hello All,

    I'm looking for some feedback on how to handle a re-disclosure situation that was brought to me.

    A patient presented to our Emergency Room for the first time (never seen here before).  This individual needs to be transferred out to another level of care but we don't have any history in our EMR other than today's ER visit.
    I was told that the patient was recently seen at another local hospital and their CCDAs appear in the HIE.

    Would it be appropriate for the social worker to print off the CCDA from another facility to use as the basis to help us get this patient into another level of care?
    Would you ask for the patient's authorization to do so (I'm told no sensitive info is in the document) or is it okay to disclose without it?

    Any thoughts or feedback are welcome!  Thanks in advance!

    Calla Waldron-Buck

  • 2.  RE: Re disclosure of Patient Information

    Posted 11-16-2020 12:03
    I would think you would need to have included that information in your patient record in order for it to be redisclosed. Can the other facility not also access the info from the HIE? That would be the best case scenario, I think.

    Kathryn Wood, RHIA
    Assist Dir of Information Systems/Privacy Officer
    War Memorial Hospital