Health Information Technologies and Processes

  • 1.  Community Health Fair

    Posted 12-10-2019 08:05
    If your facility provides a community health fair, can you please share your process for registration and resulting tests.
    We are going to offer A1c and Lipid testing.  The patient will have to be registered or our lab cannot run the specimen.  In the past they were registered as Community Health, with no charge.  A consent was created just for this function and did not go through approval process for the legal record.  Now we have these charts that have no content, no order, no results.  That makes it appear as an incomplete chart when we are doing ROI.  Also if I am not mistaken this could be a compliance issue because we are providing a free service that is not free if the patient presents to the hospital for the service. We need to do community service but this can get complicated.  Thanks in advance for anything anyone can provide.

    Pamela Gonterman
    Director of His/Coding