Health Information Technologies and Processes

  • 1.  Single Page sign-off

    Posted 9 days ago
    I'm posting this a second time, as our facility has had more discussion, and I was unable to locate the post I made previously over a month ago.

    We are a small, rural Critical Access Hospital.   Recently I have been approached about doing a single page sign off for patients for documents that are given out with each admission/encounter, i.e. Visitation Rights, Notice of Privacy Practices, Patient Rights and Responsibilities, Network Surprise Billing Disclosure, etc.  The "Admission Signature Page" includes the statement "I received or was offered the following documents at the time of my admission to the facility and had them explained to me in a language I could understand".

    The admissions staff, ward clerks, nurses, etc. are all very enthused about the prospect of changing our processes to the one-page document.  I would welcome any input regarding implementing this one-page sign off in lieu of requiring the patients to sign each individual document.  I want to make sure we are covering all of our bases before making this change.

    Thank you!

    Karen Evans
    Him Director
    Yuma District Hospital & Clinics