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    Posted 09-19-2019 16:23
    I have a question about state Health Information Exchanges (HIE).  What type of information is usually available in these exchanges?  Is it specific to Medicaid patients or does it also include information on patients with private/commercial insurance or Medicare?

    How does information from the patient medical record get into these systems?


    Chris Ordonia, MPH, RHIA, CPHQ

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    Posted 10-22-2019 12:40
    Christina -
    Sorry I am late seeing this message. I work with multiple states with Medicaid and HIE. It seems that all states use them in different ways and all HIEs provide a varied level of functionality and services. Pretty much all have patients of multiple payer types. What is provided from the EHR to the exchange is also highly variable. It may be a very basic ADT message with encounter and demographic data only or it may be multiple data elements of a more clinical nature. If you would let me know what state(s) you are inquiring about, I may be able to answer more specifically. For quicker response, feel free to use my work email Thanks!

    Susan Clark
    AHIMA Nominating Committee
    Health IT Senior Engagement Leader