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Question Regarding Image Transfer Vendors

  • 1.  Question Regarding Image Transfer Vendors

    Posted 07-15-2019 11:07

    Hi everyone,


    Asking again for some help to see if any of you are using Image Transfer software to share diagnostic images electronically? Who do you use and what are the pros and cons? We are looking for one now and are not sure who to go with.

    Thank you in advance!


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    Posted 07-16-2019 16:22
    Hi Karla,
    I don't know if this will help you much as we don't use an image transfer vendor exactly, but I thought it may give you an idea or a brainstorm. I spoke to my co-worker who oversees our Philips PACS system for our DI department and her reply is below. Just a little background info so you can follow her message: we are a small hospital in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so a lot of our patients  will be transferred downtstate to Traverse City (Munson) or Petoskey (McLaren Health). Marquette, MI is to the west of us. It's locally known as UP Health Systems, but is a Duke Lifepoint hospital and they have a few smaller hospitals in the UP as well.

    We do transfer images from Intellispace, this is how: We have a VPN with Marquette and Petoskey. Marquette has an auto routing rule in place that allows us to push to U of M, Mayo and UP Health System hospitals. Munson uses Ambra which is an image sharing software solution. We installed a director on our computer which allows us to share images with them but that is there software not ours. For all other hospital we would send a CD or DVD.

    I hope helps you in some way.

    Kathryn Wood, RHIA
    Assist Dir of Information Systems/Privacy Officer
    War Memorial Hospital

  • 3.  RE: Question Regarding Image Transfer Vendors

    Posted 07-16-2019 16:52

    Thank you so much Katie for the feedback. This is helpful.