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Duplicate Documents

  • 1.  Duplicate Documents

    Posted 12-04-2019 19:15
    Hello All,

    We are having an issue with duplicate RX requests in patient charts.  Does anyone have ideas on how to minimize this with a limited staff and no overtime?

    Currently we have an E-fax system that RX refill requests come into throughout the day.  We have multiple people filing these requests.  If an RX request comes in at 8am and is filed by person A and then the same RX request is sent at 3pm that day and person B is filing it they will not know we already have that request in the chart without looking at the chart (which we do not have enough staffing for time wise).

    Any ideas or solutions are appreciated!

    Carrie Elliott
    Lead Health Information Technician
    Sacramento Native American Health Center

  • 2.  RE: Duplicate Documents

    Posted 01-09-2020 10:26
    I would recommend working with your EHR vendor to talk through some of the workflows. And also ask for references (other entities) that utilize the same system or you can maybe talk to some colleagues that are using the exact same tools.

    Lori Richter
    Ehr Compliance, System Director