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Reduction of ROI at windows/portal use

  • 1.  Reduction of ROI at windows/portal use

    Posted 08-18-2020 10:22
    Sorry if this comes across twice.  I had an error the first time.  We had closed our window for a few months and encouraged patients to view their records through our portal or they could obtain copies by email.  We are Meditech.  We went live with this portal over a year ago. We do not hold anything.  Everything has to be at final status before it goes to the portal. We cannot set it where inpatient and outpatient records go to the portal on different days. My quandary is that we have a Hospitalist that is on a mission to change the time frame things go to the portal.  He wants them to wait 3 days or more because "one" patient questioned him about a test that he had not had not seen before the patient did.  I feel like this is going backward.  We want the patients to access their records and take ownership in their care.  We would prefer they use the portal and not come into the building any more than necessary.  I have told them that I would not have staff hold records for 3 days if the patient comes to our window requesting them.  The same provider also doesn't care for the fact that the patient reads their progress notes.  This will be addressed at a meeting in Sept.  I was wondering what others are doing.  Thanks in advance for any advice/processes anyone would be willing to share.

    Pamela Gonterman
    Director of His/Coding

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    Posted 08-18-2020 11:39

    Hello Pamela,


    We are also Meditech and use their portal, which started early this year. I would say you are very lucky that you share all information with your patients. Our facility has major push back by providers and their notes are not in the portal at all. We also have different timing parameters depending on the type of report. For example, our DI reports go out 3 days after the final status, allowing providers to review results before having the all-important conversation with patients. Our labs are 30 hours, and as you know Meditech does not have Path reports available.


    I plan on revisiting the accessibility issue with provider notes, and I want to leverage the new information blocking rules that will be in effect later this year. We cannot decide not to share information with our patients and have to be completely transparent. I believe the timing is completely up to your facility. Good luck!




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    Posted 08-18-2020 15:04

    Great questions.


    We're on Epic, and we have been live with myChart and open notes for a number of years now.


    ·       We auto-release basic diagnostics such as routine labs, x-rays, etc. We hold sensitive results and pathology until the ordering/attending provider reviews the results and releases them to my chart.

    ·       Open Notes has been well received by our patients and our providers really didn't have much of a choice because these decisions are made at the physician leadership level collaboration and approvals of course. Open Notes has helped record integrity and documentation provenance and helped improved documentation by our providers. Open Notes went live in ambulatory with one of our larger practices and for our inpatient population that are using the Epic Bedside.




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