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Ambulatory coding - 3M

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    Posted 08-20-2019 15:10
    Does anyone use 3M for their ambulatory/professional coding? we use their product for the acute hospital side, but not for our clinics or professional coding currently. We are looking into using it, but would like to hear from other users to see what issues have been encountered with the product. our Meditech folks are telling us that it does not work well with meditech Expanse.

    If you do not use 3M, do you use another encoder for ambulatory side?

    Mikki Medine
    Him Director
    Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

  • 2.  RE: Ambulatory coding - 3M

    Posted 09-11-2019 13:14
    Hi Mikki,

    My organization uses it for inpatient and outpatient coding.  We have used it for a number of years, originally starting with just HDM, and expanding our products to include add-ons such and additional products such as 360, and Code Assist.  We also do not have Meditech as our EMR, so I cannot speak to that aspect of it.  I also work in Information Systems, so I am also more in tune with the technical aspects of it.  It does seem to integrate well with Cerner, who we also just converted to for our Ambulatory EMR.  We also are not using the integrated 3M product that Cerner offers, and have a stand alone 3M system that data interfaces from Cerner into 3M then to another billing system.

    Is Meditech offering their own coding solution?  We translate data from the EMR, to 3M, to our billing system.  We do this because the 3M solutions offered are so much more robust in functionality than anything our EMR could offer.  If you think that might be the case for your organization as well, investing in a good interface system can be worth it.  I am sure 3M has done this for other clients.  In the 20+ years that we have had 3M, we have changed EMRs and billing systems. However, because our 3M coding system(s) have been independent of these systems, we have only had to update our interfaces when the new EMRs/billing systems have come online.  FIN combines, importing charges, and getting information from one system to another would be simpler if it was embedded within our EMR or our billing system.  Giving up the HDM reporter, worklists, Auto Suggested Coding, CDI programs, and other myriads of functionality in exchange for that, would just be too far a step back for our organization.

    I am not sure if that is much help, but just my two cents.

    Best of Luck!

    Heather Inferrera
    IS Application Analyst

    Heather Inferrera
    Is Application Analyst

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    Posted 09-12-2019 17:18
    Hello Mikki,

    We have Meditech 6.15 and use 3M for both acute and ambulatory coding and it interfaces with Meditech pretty seamlessly. ​I'm not familiar with Expanse as we went from Magic to 6.15. Could Meditech  put you in contact with other Expanse clients to see what they use? I've only been at my facility for 9 months but I can ask our IS personnel if they know of any Expanse users in our state.


    Glenda Rakes
    HIM Director
    Northern Montana Health Care