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CMS Surgical Inpatient Status

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    Posted 10-23-2020 10:22
    I recently transitioned from bedside to Order Set Specialist within the Clinical Informatics Dept. I am also stepping (lightly) into CDS.
    The request has been placed to help smooth out the process between UM and surgeons regarding post-op ADT orders for procedures.
    We are using Epic.
    We are not looking to reinvent the wheel - if someone has found a good solution that assists physicians with knowing what status they should select for the ADT order post-op, we are open to suggestions! (please)
    We understand the complexities that CMS updates the rule (and in a few years it may be going away), patient insurance coverage is fluid, different insurance has different rules, and that cases change during procedure requiring the status to be upgraded.
    That being said - what are you doing to help decrease mismatch and assist with better alignment for concurrence in UM?
    Is it manual?
    Do you use a BPA (created using what?)
    Are you leveraging Foundation?
    If you have advice, please share!
    Thank you,
    Clinical Order Set Specialist

    Molly Procuniar

    Kettering Health Network