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Patient Access to Records Regardless of Payment Source

  • 1.  Patient Access to Records Regardless of Payment Source

    Posted 08-20-2019 12:41

    I am interested in knowing if any multi-specialty practices include occupation medicine records in their designated record set and release to the patient upon request,  regardless of who paid for the service/exam (i.e. IME report, Fit for Duty Exam, Company Physical, etc.)  We often have discussions with our Occ. Med. division on the appropriateness to release company records to the patient and typically refer the patient back to the employer when the request is for a company paid exam.  We have considered excluding certain categories of occupation medicine records from our designated record, adding a statement to our DRS policy such as...Provider notes, lab results/orders, or any other documentation associated with contracted/purchased services are also excluded from the Occupational Medicine Department's designated record set, but a copy may be given to the patient at the time of service, if needed for presentation outside of the Provider's office for employment certification with an outside agency.  Any other release of information associated with contracted/purchased services must be obtained by the entity who is initiating contracted/purchased service.  I'm very curious what others do regarding release of such records and would like to hear if other groups release records related to contracted services to the patient.


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