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Outside medical records (disc)

  • 1.  Outside medical records (disc)

    Posted 10-22-2019 20:11


    We often receive discs with patients records from another facility. Currently we do not have a process for incorporating this information into our EMR. Does anyone receive outside medical records in this same way? If so how does your facility process this information and/or store these discs? If anyone has a policy or procedure  pertaining to this they can share, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    Yasmin Wood
    Him Supervisor
    Nashville General Hospital

  • 2.  RE: Outside medical records (disc)

    Posted 10-24-2019 12:03
    When we receive outside records, we require our physicians to initial each page they wish to have scanned into the EMR. We hardly receive discs of records but when we do, we either print them and send to the provider or upload and email to the provider for them to print and initial the pages they wish to be part of the EMR. We do not incorporate any outside record without the provider's initial as they are responsible for knowing what is in the records and to determine what they use for medical decision making. 

    Glenda Rakes
    HIM Director/Privacy Officer
    Northern Montana Health Care

  • 3.  RE: Outside medical records (disc)

    Posted 10-25-2019 20:33
    Thank you Glenda