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Disaster Planning and EHR

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    Posted 05-21-2020 10:55
    Hi All,

    I just need some resources or suggestions of where to find information. I was trying to llok up online last evening, but was only finding very vague articles.   A facility I consult at just went EHR with their MAR/TAR's.  All done by nursing and never involved medical records.  So now they had a fire drill yesterday and are thinking about how they should change the procedure for the MAR's since they are electronic.  Old procedure was Medical Records would stay by med cart where MARS/TARS were in the book and if evacuation necessary Medical records would help make sure the MAR/TAR went with the correct patient, but now no paper to send with them so how would they share Meds/ recent orders in an Emergency if evacuation is necessary??

    Thanks for any input

    Mary Beth McFadden RHIA

    [Mary Beth] [McFadden]
    [RHIA LTC Consultant]

  • 2.  RE: Disaster Planning and EHR

    Posted 05-22-2020 07:27

    Your EHR vendor may be able to help. Ours creates back-up files for the MARs/TARs and face sheets every 4 hours and sends the files to a folder that sits on the nurse supervisor's desktop and also to laptops that are stowed away in such event such as evacuation.  If time permits, staff can access the files from nurse supes desktop and send to a local printer.  I suggest the facility plan for ability to print directly from pc or laptop without Wifi or if internet/intranet are down.  Also, keep extra ream(s) of paper stowed away with laptop or printer so you're not scrambling to find during an emergency.  Having the patient's face sheets is also key so that family/loved ones can be contacted and it has current insurance info as well.



    Kristin Ferriter, MHA, RHIT, CPASRM



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