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Anyone hear this....Access Report

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    Posted 26 days ago
    During a conversation on a HIPAA related online session, one of the topics that came up was how to respond to a patient who believes they have the right to a listing of everyone within the facility that viewed their medical record.

    Some people are under the impression that this type of access report is a right under HIPAA.  Indeed it was proposed as were changes to the Accounting of Disclosures requirements, but to date, no such access report requirement exists.

    Often I find that people are requesting this "access report" in an attempt to identify if someone they suspect that works at the facility, such as a neighbor, relative, or friend, is snooping into their record.  I know it is also frustrating for these folks to then request an Accounting of Disclosures only to see that often it is blank or with very few entries.

    I think most folks probably work with the individual and try to find out if there is someone in particular, by name, they believe has accessed their information.  Then some type of audit log review is done to check for any suspicious access.

    Does this sound familiar with what others have experienced and how they handle it?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Hoping that all those affected by the storms are safe!

    Posted: 6:45 AM AZ time

    Frank Ruelas
    Compliance Professional