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ROI Clarification

  • 1.  ROI Clarification

    Posted 10-09-2019 19:19
    When we receive an ROI that we wish to discuss/clarify with the patient/client we try to call them, usually leaving a voicemail message to return our call regarding their request. In addition we send a secure message with the same request. It could be a patient/client request for records, or a request from a physician or facility.

    Here are our questions:
    If no response, how many times do you try to call or secure message the patient/client and how often?

    At what point do you close the ROI, without processing, if no response from the patient/client? 30, 60, 90 days? Is there a statute or regulation governing this?

    In addition, for ROI's that have been processed, how long do you hold the copies if the patient/client does not pick them up, nor call to cancel the request?  Is 90 days appropriate before destroying the copies?

    We would appreciate all input. Thanks so much!

    Carol Taber
    Health Information Coordinator Ii

  • 2.  RE: ROI Clarification

    Posted 12-13-2019 10:43
    Hi Carol,

    In relation to the no response question, the requirement is the response to a request within 30 days.  I would suggest developing a standard letter and mailing that back with the original request.  I would also log that to support what you did in case you get asked about it.

    We try to hold records processed for 6 months just in case and then we log they were destroyed.  If they call after the copy is destroyed we will reprocess it, based on the original consent because it was never filed if we are still within the original expiration date. Most of the time we don't have them calling us back to reprocess.

    Tennille Schmitt, RHIT
    NYHIMA Communications Director

    Tennille Schmitt
    Medical Records Supervisor