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Physician Support Post EMR Go-Live

  • 1.  Physician Support Post EMR Go-Live

    Posted 11-22-2019 14:32
    We have been on EMR for 7 years.  We currently still have a physician chart room where some of our physicians continue to dictate to a transcription service.  We also have a "Physician Liason" position that monitors the chart room and assists physicians with dictation, answers basic EMR questions, and assists with delinquent charts. The organization has plans to renovate the chart room and make it part of Endoscopy.  However, we are getting some push back from several physicians that utilize this space.  Does anyone else still offer not only a "chart room" but also a "Physician Liason?"  If so, can you describe how the chart room is utilized and the duties of the Physician Liason?

    Thank you!

    Cara Nielsen
    Him Quality Data Manager
    Iredell Memorial Hospital Health Care System