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Admit, Discharge, Transfer Notifications

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    Posted 16 days ago
    I would like to know if any of you are working on developing a process or if you are ready for the ADT notifications and provider alert requirements that are coming up in May of this year.

    My team and I are wondering if there is any type of document that needs to go in the patient's chart to show that the notification was sent to the provider.

    Any thoughts on this topic are highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Mayra Allemond
    Him Director

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    Posted 15 days ago
    Do you happen to have a link to this information?

    Desiree Johnson
    Medical Records Director

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    Posted 15 days ago

    this is one of the articles out there.. but I actually found out about this from our IT director.. 

    Mayra Allemond
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    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Mayra,

    CMS wasn't very prescriptive about the 'how' of this CoP requirement; hospitals can meet it via a variety of approaches.  Even though the rule applies to hospitals with an EHR or registration system that has HL7 2.5.1 messaging capacity, the outgoing ADT notification itself is not required to meet any specific format, so there's also nothing really much specified about required documentation for compliance.

    Hospital HIM/IT departments just need to ensure that whatever mechanism they use to meet the ADT CoP can also provide the necessary documentation or reporting to support* the hospital with any audits.

    (Support meaning that the system must be able to provide ongoing reports, logs, or some other method of confirming outgoing ADT messages.  If a hospital system has an ADT 'audit trail' or other reporting system that doesn't keep their outgoing ADT message notifications more than ten or thirty days -- or at all -- then a hospital would want to consider improved retention capacities, alternative capture or reporting methods, or scheduled and routine archived reporting to be able to prove ongoing compliance.  I add this last part because just because a system has 'audit trail' capacities, sometimes these logs auto-expire after a certain time period and then can be difficult, if not impossible, to prove/retrieve.)

    I'm attaching a link to an available CHIME FAQ Document with details and other information about meeting the requirement.  Hope this helps!

    Link to CHIME CMS ADT Requirement FAQ:

    A. Andrews Dean, CPHIMS, CHPS, CHDA, CPPM, CPC
    Health IT Regulatory Affairs & Healthcare Compliance Consultant