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    Posted 09-16-2019 13:46
    Reaching out to HIM/ROI experts in the state of Oregon. Very soon, I will be moving to Oregon for an HIM Manager role and while I was visiting the campus and the HIM team last week, they asked an ROI question; because my career has been CA based, I am not up to speed on Oregon Privacy Rules. I've outlined the scenario below with my related questions. Any guidance/direction is most welcomed!

    Doctor 'A' was providing services at organization 'A'. Doctor 'A' is no longer providing services at organization 'A' and is now at organization 'B'. His patients are requesting that their records be released from organization 'A' to  organization 'B' and are completing a valid authorization form. The caveat is, these records also contain behavioral health/psych records and the patients are not checking these boxes on the authorization form.

    1. Are the patients required to check the appropriate behavioral health boxes on the authorization form so that these records can be included in the release of records?

    Wendi Melgoza, MSHIM, RHIA, CPHI
    HIM Data Quality Manager
    Sutter Health Shared Services

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    Posted 09-17-2019 17:18

    Hi Wendy,
    Welcome to Oregon! We do have an Oregon CSA Engage site so you might want to repost there as well.
    I'll provide what my organization does and it may depend on your organization and how your records are organized. We are a county health department and fall under Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 179.505 which has stricter confidentiality requirements than HIPAA for disclosure of mental health records. There has been much discussion on the definition of "mental health" information in Oregon so it's going to depend on who's interpretation you follow. Our long-standing practice is to not release any mental health program records without that section initialed and the same for our alcohol and drug program (SUD) records. We deny any authorization for mental health records that does not have that section initialed by the client as an invalid authorization. Of course we work with the client or third party to get a valid authorization as often as possible. I'm not sure what setting you will be in but here are a few more ORS that may come in handy:
    ORS 192.566 - Authorization form - 2017 Oregon Revised Statutes

    I hope others chime in as well! We will have some ROI workshop events coming later this fall and next spring if you're interested in attending. They will be specific to Oregon laws. Look for them through OrHIMA.



    Aurae Beidler MHA,RHIA,CHPS,CHC
    Compliance/Privacy Officer

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    Posted 09-26-2019 09:43
    I agree with Aurae.  I would not release the behavioral health information with the patient specifically stating they want this information sent too.  Typically these records do fall under more restrictive requirements.

    Chris Ordonia, MPH, RHIA, CPHQ

    Chris Ordonia, MPH, RHIA, CPHQ