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    Posted 04-01-2019 14:58
    ​Hi all, can you tell me if you utilize an ROI vendor and if so who? If you do not want to say online, you may email me at


    Stacie Smith
    Revenue Integrity

  • 2.  RE: ROI vendors

    Posted 04-02-2019 10:53
    ​Hi Stacie,
    We are in the Partner program with CIOX.  We had processed everything ourselves and in 2014 made the decision to seek a vendor but looked for someone to partner with, rather than outsource.  We were able to reduce staff, retain internal control as to what is released, while utilizing their software with a revenue share, too.

    [Matt Costa
    Director | Health Information Management| Ext. 15116
    Springfield Clinic | 1134 S 7th Street
    217-391-6905 | toll free: 800-444-7541
    Springfield, IL 62703

  • 3.  RE: ROI vendors

    Posted 04-03-2019 12:50
    Stacie - we partner with ScanSTAT.  We initially kept all our own staff and just had ScanSTAT be a QA process for us and to send out the records either on paper or electronically which saved dollars on paper, printer and some staff time for us.  With ROI staff leaving we decided to have ScanSTAT process the entire requests now and this has worked out great.  I have one ROI 1.5 FTE for walk in and continuing care requests and to upload the other request documents to ScanSTAT.

    Deloris Farthing
    Director, Health Information Management
    Hays Medical Center