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ONC Issues Interim Final Rule extending dates/timeframes for Information Blocking & Coc/MoC

  • 1.  ONC Issues Interim Final Rule extending dates/timeframes for Information Blocking & Coc/MoC

    Posted 10-29-2020 14:02
    FYI -- In case anyone had not seen/received the ONC notification.  There is an informational webinar scheduled for next week (registration at end of message).

    Today, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) released an Interim Final Rule with Comment Period that extends the compliance dates and timeframes necessary to meet certain requirements related to information blocking and Conditions and Maintenance of Certification (CoC/MoC) to allow for additional flexibility and time for the health care ecosystem to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The Interim Final Rule extends the Program compliance dates beyond those identified in the April 21, 2020 enforcement discretion announcement and establishes new future applicability dates for information blocking provisions. The Interim Final Rule also adopts updated standards and makes technical corrections and clarifications to the ONC Cures Act Final Rule.
    New Applicability and Compliance Dates/Timeframes & Corresponding Provisions
    April 5, 2021 December 31, 2022 One Calendar Year Extension
    • Information blocking provisions (45 CFR Part 171)
    • Information Blocking CoC/MoC requirements (§ 170.401)
    • Assurances CoC/MoC requirements (§ 170.402, except for § 170.402(b)(2) as it relates to § 170.315(b)(10))
    • API CoC/MoC requirement (§ 170.404(b)(4)) - compliance for current API criteria
    • Communications CoC/MoC requirements (§ 170.403) (except for § 170.403(b)(1) – where we removed the notice requirement for 2020)
    • 2015 Edition health IT certification criteria updates (except for § 170.315(b)(10) – EHI export, which is extended until December 31, 2023)
    • New standardized API functionality (§ 170.315(g)(10))
    • Submission of initial attestations (§ 170.406)
    • Submission of initial plans and results of real world testing (§ 170.405(b)(1) and (2))
    The ONC will also host an informational webinar on Monday, November 2 from 3-4pm (EST).  To register for this webinar, you can do so here:

    A. Andrews Dean, CPHIMS, CHPS, CHDA, CPHI, CPPM, CPC
    Health IT Regulatory Affairs & Healthcare Compliance Consultant