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Records of Adopted Children

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    Posted 4 days ago

    I work at a community mental health center.  Often we have minors who are in DHS custody for various reasons.  Sometimes parents lose rights and the minor is adopted.  My questions are:
    1.  If you are notified an active client/patient is adopted do you create a new record or do you simply update the demographics and legal custodian information?
    2.  If you create a new record do you enter an Alert or some type of a notification to staff that another record exists?
    3.  Do you keep a copy of the adoption papers in the record?  If there are multiple children involved in the adoption, do you redact their names from the active client/patient record?
    4.  Does anyone have a sample policy they would be willing to share?

    Thank you,

    Kathryn Boyes
    Director, HIM

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    Posted 3 days ago
    In my understanding and experience the demographics should be updated. I would not start a new chart, which would split the clinical data. But I agree, the best way to start would be seeing if others have policies or procedure documents on this as well.

    Lori Richter
    Ehr Compliance Director
    Catholic Health Initiatives

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    Posted 3 days ago

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    Posted 2 days ago
    In Wisconsin, it is required we protect the identity of the biological parents and cannot release the pre-adoption records. If the EHR is able to lock down that information, I would agree with not splitting the record.  If not, best practice is to split the record.  We do add an internal note to clinicians there are previous records available. The statutes allow us to keep the record intact if there is a medical risk to the patient if the record is split, which is a decision I ask the provider to make if it is indicated.

    Sharon Meyer
    Regional Him Manager
    R1 RCM

  • 5.  RE: Records of Adopted Children

    Posted 2 days ago

    I think that makes sense.  I cannot find an Oklahoma law that covers this issue, except for newborns.


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  • 6.  RE: Records of Adopted Children

    Posted 2 days ago
    Could visits that have bioparentsn information be marked as confidential and then if records are requested this information could be reviewed and redacted so the adoptive parent would only see what was needed?

    Tara Fairbrother