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    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi, I am a student at a community college enrolled in the health information technology program. This upcoming semester, Spring 2021, will be my last and during it I will do my professional practice experience internship. I was wondering if anyone could help explain what the internship was like, for those that did it. What kind of daily duties did you do? What is the virtual lab like? Due to Covid the internship will be completely online so I'm not sure how that will change things. Any advice or information on what it is like would be very helpful as I am trying to prepare for this upcoming semester. I hope this was the right place to post this, I am new to the AHIMA Engage discussion board. Thank you in advance!

    Sasha Otanez

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    Posted 2 days ago
    Hello Sasha,

    It's been 6 years since I did my RHIA internships but I'd be more than happy to discuss my experience. I had 1 week of hands on coding where I was shown more of 3M encoder and sat with a coder reviewing and coding accounts. I learned about the hierarchy of coding and the rules of why some codes are required to be a secondary vs primary.  My second week was with Cancer Registry at the state level observing how they handled the cancer registry data. My last rotation was 3 weeks of management practicum where I had certain tasks to complete and the remaining I helped with random projects the HIM management needed.

    I had some virtual lab exposure but that was mainly during my classes and not for the internships so I don't have much information on that. Do you know what what areas of internship you are covering such as coding or ROI? When COVID hit, a lot of facilities were able to send ROI staff remote which I think is interesting. Most coders are remote already but remote ROI is a new concept to a lot of facilities.

    I hope this information helps!


    Glenda Rakes MHIIM, RHIA
    HIM Director/Privacy Officer
    Northern Montana Health Care