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Release of Info - Work From Home

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    Posted 04-16-2019 12:22
    ​​I know there are some places that allow their Release of Information staff to work from home.  I would be interested in learning what processes and procedures you have put in place for that to happen.  I want to look into for my staff, but was hoping to get a starting point with others that have specifically worked with ROI staff.  Do staff at home do different work from staff onsite? Other variables to be sure I look at?  Thank you in advance for any information!!!

    Privacy Officer
    Gundersen Health System

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    Posted 05-10-2019 15:03
    Hi Rebecca
    We have a work from home work force located across the country. Below is a list of processes/procedures/things to think about when moving team members home.
    • Safe and Secure place to work 
      • Pics provided to backup the checklist of requirement which go through a HR approval process 
      • Office is contained and behind doors, shut away from the living space of the house 
      • Locked cabinets if the room does not have a lock 
      • Appropriate size desk and chair (consider if you will pay for this or the associate) 
    • Ability to print to paper is not an option in our organization.  If this is a requirement of the work type, then the associate must be located on facility grounds. 
    • Must meet phone and internet connection specs 
    • Productivity and/or quality is expected to increase with the agreement that if production or quality goals are not met, the associate come back on site for additional monitoring and training. 
    These are not inclusive but a short list of some of the items you will need to think through and write policies on before you move your team home/remote.

    Traci Overway
    Regional Vice President