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Wound Care Outpatient Setting

  • 1.  Wound Care Outpatient Setting

    Posted 12-06-2018 11:02
    ​When debridement is done (CPT 11042) is it appropriate to also use the CPT code 29581 for application of multilayer venous compression? I would appreciate any information on coding wound care, I am trying to advance in this area due to being the only one coding this specialty and not really being familiar with it at all.

    Rhonda Matheney
    Piggott Community Hospital
    Piggott Arkansas

  • 2.  RE: Wound Care Outpatient Setting

    Posted 12-07-2018 07:52
    Hi Rhonda,

    The multi-layer compression wrap 29581 is considered part of the debridement, per NCCI edits, but if performed on separate anatomical areas, you can use a modifier on the 29581.

    For example, if the debridement took place on the left leg but the multi-layer compression wrap was performed on the right leg, I add a 59 modifier to the 29581.

    I'm pretty conservative on my definition of "separate anatomical areas", so if the debridement took place on the left foot and the left lower leg was wrapped, I would not try to charge the 29581-59, but I'd be curious if other coders feel differently.

    I am also the only wound care coder at my facility and it's been more challenging than I expected. If I can help with something, please email me.

    Jessica Mulis, BA, CCS
    Logansport Memorial Hospital