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99350 or 99502? LICSWs Home program for Infants and Moms

  • 1.  99350 or 99502? LICSWs Home program for Infants and Moms

    Posted 11-30-2018 14:33
    Our team is working to clarify some CPT codes for some of our services.

    Part of our Transition Home Plus program at Women and Infants Hospital involves home visits with myself and one other social worker.  We are both LICSWs.  We visit with the infants and families in order to provide enhanced education and support in the medical home to transition infants (and families) for 7 months post discharge from the NICU. Our goal is to reduce hospitalizations and ER visits as well as improve outcomes. Such visits may include a comprehensive and family centered assessment to identify salient biologic, environmental, and psychosocial factors or stressors that may impact an infant's overall health and development, including, but not limited to maternal mental health, domestic violence, DCYF involvement, housing issues, etc.   We conduct needs assessment and caregiver competencies and provide referrals for services or treatment accordingly.  We provide care and support for both the mother and her infant. We also serve as a liaison between our neonatologist and the families to address the families questions or medical concerns and to optimize care with community services and the medical home.

    We are looking to clarify what CPT code might be used for such visits.

    We were wondering if code 99350 would be appropriate, but were unsure if this code is applicable to use for a licensed professional (LICSW) that is not a physician.   Someone else had mentioned code 99502 with G0155.  This is out of my area of expertise. Please let me know your thoughts and if this code is not appropriate, which code would be best to use?

     Any information is appreciated!

    Deborah Diniz
    NICU Coding Specialist