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Condition Code 44

  • 1.  Condition Code 44

    Posted 01-28-2019 17:31
    Good afternoon.  I was wondering if others can share how they are documenting the condition code 44 in their record and what statement the physician is documenting.  We are thinking about making this an automated statement that they sign when they enter the order to change the status from inpatient to observation.  We would like to know how everyone else is doing this.  Thanks in advance.  Kim

    Kimberle Johnson
    [Director HIM/Privacy and Compliance Officer]
    Campbell County Health

  • 2.  RE: Condition Code 44

    Posted 02-01-2019 20:56
    We use the Cerner EHR and our Condition 44s are entered as a Registration Update in our Orders section.  The physician adds the effective date of the change of status "Outpatient effective (date) (time)" and then signs off on it electronically.  As to more specific information about how that is set up, I can't tell you.  When the Condition 44 orders are entered usually (hopefully) the Case Manager sends out an email to certain people in HIMS, CDS, Patient Accounts, and the person who does the OP infusion charges to let us all know of the status change.

    Alicia Kellogg, RHIT
    Inpatient Coder