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Attempted Overdose of Pregnant Patient

Megan Del Rio, Bachelors of Science,CCA,Certified Coding Associat5 days ago

Lynn A. Wall, MS, Health Information Administration,BS, Manageme5 days ago

  • 1.  Attempted Overdose of Pregnant Patient

    Posted 5 days ago

    I would love to get feedback regarding a chart I am working on. The patient was transferred to our inpatient behavioral health facility after being stabilized/cleared at an ED after an attempted suicide via aspirin overdose and the patient is 16 weeks pregnant.

    Primary Diagnosis: MDD, recurrent, severe, w/o psychotic features
    1. status post medication overdose on aspirin, hemodynamically stable
    2. second trimester pregnancy, 16 weeks
    3. marijuana dependency, current use
    4. urinary tract infection

    I was thinking of coding: F33.2, O99.342, T14.91xD, O9A.212, T39.012D, O99.322, F12.20, Z3A.16, O23.42, N39.0

    Again I would love any feedback regarding the codes. Thank you!

    Megan Del Rio
    His Discharge Coder

  • 2.  RE: Attempted Overdose of Pregnant Patient

    Posted 5 days ago


    According to Ch 15 guidelines for coding obstetrics, obstetric codes take sequencing precedence over other chapters – unless the physician specifically states there is no relationship between the two.  In this scenario as noted below, I would sequence the Complication of pregnancy with mental disorders as the principal diagnosis, followed by MDD and all other codes.



    Lynn Wall