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Outpatient Lab Orders and Follow-Up

  • 1.  Outpatient Lab Orders and Follow-Up

    Posted 01-09-2019 10:30

    I know that labs are ordered 1-2 weeks followed by the follow-up appointment to go over results, etc...

    My question is, am I still using the screening codes from the labs and/or codes listed from a follow up fasting lab (ie: if this was a 4 month follow up fasting lab), or am I going with the follow-up results that provider has diagnosed patient with, 2 weeks later?

    For example 1: patient comes in for annual fasting labs, and provider orders with dx: Z13.1
    1 week later, pt comes for follow up visit and his result is R73.09,
    Do I use Z131 since this is the initial reason for testing?

    Ex 2: patient presents for 4 month follow up labs. Provider orders A1C due to HTN and leukocytes in urine.
    At the 1 week follow up appoint, patient's assessment states Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

    Thanks in advance for your input and help. Blessings!

    [Sherry ] [Xiong]