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    Posted 11-28-2018 19:44
    I'm not sure who to contact, but according to a tech school here in Appleton, WI, I was informed that they dropped their coding certificate program because they had low hiring rate (30%) after obtaining a coding certificate from them. They say it's because employers here in WI are wanting coders that can also do HIM. So when they graduated, the graduates were not sufficiently trained.
    I'm really confused by this statement, as anyone that I've ever talked to has never been cross trained in HIM and their job is only to code.
    Is this a new thing? Is coding training changing?
    Any direction in coding field is greatly appreciated. All I want to do is code. Is this just a Wisconsin thing?

    Rachel Ferguson

    Rachel Ferguson

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    Posted 11-29-2018 06:37
    I am not sure about that.  I know a local community college in Mississippi (when I lived there) couldn't get AHIMA certified because they had such a low rate of students passing the CCS exam after graduation.

    It could also also be the school was losing money on the program or couldn't find appropriate teaching staff.

    i also know some schools have done away with "coding" programs and moved towards an associate degree program, which includes coding.

    Teresa Brown MHA,RHIA,CDIP,CCS,Si

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    Posted 11-30-2018 07:31

    Checkout this link from the Madison, WI Area Technical College. You can do this course online.

    Kim Horton, RHIT, CCS, CPHQ
    Coding Analyst/Utilization Analyst

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    Posted 11-29-2018 13:39
    If your school dropped the curriculum there are many other school that have coding only certificates on-line. I took a majority of my classes on-line for the associates program. I do think going through the entire associates program is beneficial as there is more to coding then just coding. But I do also know that financial restraints can hinder school and what your overall plan is.

    A couple of coders that I have hired were graduates of certificate programs and both did great and passed their CCS and CCS-P exams. They are very detailed and wanted to learn. In smaller hospitals you will generally be doing more than just coding. At larger facilities that would be different. However to get your foot in the door at a lot of facilities you will need to know more than coding if you do not have experience.

    Keep looking for another program and don't give up.

    Beth Kosman, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P
    HIM Director
    Ringgold County Hospital

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    Posted 11-30-2018 01:59
    Hi Rachel,

    I did some research before I enrolled and was careful to find an AHIMA Accredited Coding Program.  I was lucky and have one 5 miles from my home that also offers an AHIMA Accredited RHIT, all via Community College!  Employers really look for AHIMA Accreditation, so if you can find that anywhere close by, you are good to go.  I think Libman Education is offering a course that may be AHIMA Accredited, it looks like it is but I would contact AHIMA to make sure.  It is 100% online and I am thinking about it for my daughter when she is ready to go.  Also, after you finish your course, get The Professional Review Guide to The CCA Examination by Patricia M. Schnering.  I used these for my CCA and CCS Exams and if you master these books you will pass your exams!  When you start looking for work, don't take no for an answer.  All you need is one job!  Keep looking and you will find it.  I worked online from day one, and everyone told me I could never do it.  Five years down the road and that one job got me started.  Best of luck!


    Mary Headley
    Remote Inpatient Coder