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    Posted 01-19-2019 18:26
    I'm needing to network with someone who has Release of Information experience using "myAvatar" It is an ONC-certified electronic health record (EHR) solution specifically designed for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment in community-based, residential and inpatient programs."  I am involved with an organization that moved their EMR over from "Psych Consult by Askesis" over to "myAvatar" 

    E. Earl Hauss, R.N., C.H.P.


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    Posted 01-20-2019 01:09
    I have used MyAvatar. The ROI capabilities are not very good. We ended up just printing out each page or document we needed, which often took a very long time.

    Christine Peterson, MHIIM, RHIA, CCS, CHC, CHDS, AHDI-F
    Compliance Officer

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    Posted 01-20-2019 13:35
    I also had the same experience with MyAvatar. The ROI functionality is poor, we were never really able to get it to work correctly after 2 years, so we just pulled the notes we needed manually.

    Angelique Jefferson
    Credentialed Epic Trainer

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    Posted 01-22-2019 10:29
    I believe I can be of help. I have set up and implemented myAvatar's Disclosure Management functionality for our organization. We use it to log in ROIs we receive and when disclosures are made from those outside (and some internal) request for records. It has replaced a spreadsheet the Med Rec staff were using before and we are now able to provide clients a list of disclosures more easily. I can also run a custom SQL query weekly to export a report to Excel that provides the same info staff would look for on the old Excel spreadsheet.

    We dont use the functionality of having Disclosure Management prepare the records to be disclosed. As others have said the process takes too long and staff did not like how it numbered pages. We still print items via Chart Overview or Clinical Doc Viewer. But if we really did need to print an entire chart with little effort DM is the way to go.

    I can pass more info and training materials that I created to you if interested. The Netsmart materials aren't very good.

    Scott Irvin
    Medical Records Manager
    DHHS Mental Health
    Humboldt County

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    Posted 05-21-2019 14:19
    I'm interested in learning how you ran the custom SQL query to export a report to excel.

    Anthony Gregis

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    Posted 05-22-2019 09:30
    I would be interested as well, we use InSight here and have the same disclosure option, but would have to recreate it in the case of a request for an accounting.  Hopefully, it would work the same.

    Ta-Tanisha Ingram, MSM, RHIA, CHPS
    Medical Records Administrator/District Privacy Officer

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    Posted 05-23-2019 09:10

    I'd like to learn about Disclosure Management in myAvatar as well. My agency will be implementing Netsmart in 2020 and I want to be sure we can mitigate or minimize as many speed bumps as possible.

    You rock!!


    Kara Leonetti Lusa, MS, BS
    Lead for Health Information Management
    & HIPAA Privacy Officer
    United Counseling Service
    Bennington, VT

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    Posted 05-24-2019 11:11
    ​I would also be interested in your training material.  I have been looking at this option for while now and have discovered some of the same limitations mentioned.  One of our challenges is that we have records to disclose for clients not in the system since we made the decision to start with a new numbering system and only loaded the last two years of discharged clients.  We now have clients who may request records from say 12 years ago who are not there to select and apparently no way to log a disclosure if we do one.


    Joni DeTrant
    Manager of Health Information
    Oregon State Hospital