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ABN Process

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    Posted 03-29-2019 17:55
    Do any of you have a built in ABN process in your EHR?  Or do you have a standalone ABN electronic process ? Or do you have a paper process?

    Our facility currently does not have an ABN process in place and an interdepartmental team within our facility is trying to build a "business case" of why we should have one. If any of you would be willing to help arm me with information I could share with the team and my facility- I would be grateful !  If you chose to have your ABN process remain on paper- could you share that as well as your process for completing the ABN?

    Thanks so much !

    You can email me as well at

    Kathryn Severson
    Him Director
    Mason General Hospital

  • 2.  RE: ABN Process

    Posted 04-11-2019 10:29
    ​We do not have a process like this, very much manual.  You might try posting this in other communities as well.  Good luck.

    DeAnn Tucker
    Him Director

  • 3.  RE: ABN Process

    Posted 08-06-2019 10:33

    My previous employer leveraged their EHR to help clinical folks capture ABN's.  It wasn't a policy persay, but since they used EPIC, the ABN would actually generate when they went to room a patient for a specific procedure, ect.  That didn't mean they always got them, though.  Now I'm at an organization where everything is manual and I'm struggling.  Best of luck with everything.

    Sarah Jackson
    Compliance Manager