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Video Links Within The Record

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    Posted 07-18-2019 11:41
    ​Does anyone currently embed videos or video links within their EMR?  If so, what is your policy surrounding retention and custodial ownership as far as producing this media when requested.  Who is responsible?

    The scenario I'm facing is that our physical therapy department would like to embed links to PT videos (less than 3 minutes each) within the EMR.  HIM is not equipped and is not currently responsible for releasing anything outside of the "paper" reports within the EMR. Currently each department is the custodian for the media they produce, e.g. radiology releases images, cath lab releases videos, pathology releases slides, etc.  The difference is that those medial are currently housed in other disparate systems, while PT is wanting the videos to reside in the EMR.

    Thank you for your guidance!

    Jamie Glenn
    Corporate Him Director
    Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare