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  • 1.  Medical Scribes

    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi everyone.  My organization is made up of both hospital and practices.  We currently have our Transcription Dept in house (not outsourced). For the physician practices, we have been trying to save the physicians some time by being virtual scribes.  We place a recorder in the room and the patient and physician have a visit without the physician typing on the computer the whole time, paying attention to the patient.  Then at the end of the day, the recorder uploads that days voice files to our transcription system.  The virtual scribes are listening to the entire visit and making the note inside the EMR for the physician.  Is anyone else doing this that I can have a phone call with?  We are struggling a little with this and trying to find efficiencies with the process.

    Tara Yeaton
    H I M Director and Deputy Privacy Officer