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creating an auditing company

  • 1.  creating an auditing company

    Posted 01-24-2020 12:18
    Has anyone starting their own independent auditing company? I am looking for any and all advice. Specifically about what insurance would I need to get, from where, cost, etc. Thanks!

    DeeAnn Nevland

  • 2.  RE: creating an auditing company

    Posted 01-25-2020 09:47
    I was an independent consultant for several months between FTE roles. I did not have additional employees so that keeps things simple. I don't have solid advice on insurance, but here are two helpful items:
    1. My accountant wrote this book that I found to be reassuring about the accounting parts of business 
    2. A friend referred me to this site with a ton of information on starting a business 

    Hope that helps!

    Susan Clark
    Member, AHIMA 2019 Nominating Committee
    Phone - 815.535.3015

  • 3.  RE: creating an auditing company

    Posted 01-26-2020 13:50
    Find yourself a good accountant... let them guide you.  
    Locate a good attorney to review and possibly help develop the agreement you will use between you and the facility.
    You will find these two professionals will provide you a secure business knowledge. 

    Kind regards,
    Brenda Huntsinger, RHIT, LNHA
    HIT Instructor
    ATU - Ozark Campus

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