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    Posted 04-12-2020 21:39

    Looking for Latinx Women Leading in HIM!

    My name is Maria Caban Alizondo. I am a Latinx health information management professional enrolled in the Leadership and Change in Healthcare Ph.D. Program at Antioch University. The purpose of my qualitative research is the exploration of the identities of Latinx women in health information who lead. The working title of my dissertation is: Exploring the Identities of Latinx Women who Lead in Health Information Management.

    I plan to conduct in-depth, in-person (via Zoom!) interviews over the next few months with about 12 credentialed Latinx women who are leading or have recently lead teams in health information management at the Management level or above. I am looking for Latinx women of all backgrounds, and I am hoping to have a sample that represents the beautiful diversity of Latin cultures and ethnicities.

    I am reaching out to our AHIMA communities in the hope that you might know of women who fit this description. If you or someone you know is willing to tell their story and participate in research that will help others navigate the social and work structures please contact me directly. I'll then contact these individuals, indicating that you have given me their names, email/phone numbers, and ask them if they would be willing to participate in my research. Of course, they will be able to say no, but I hope that through this process, I will be able to find a sample of women willing to participate.

    In addition to any names of friends and colleagues that you might suggest, please feel free to volunteer yourself (as a credentialed, Latinx woman who has lead teams)! You may submit your name and as many other names as you like besides your own.

    Thank you for any support you can offer me in finding these professional women. If you have any questions, please contact me via AHIMA Enageg or by email at, or by telephone and text at 818.590.7504.



    Maria A. Caban Alizondo

    Candidate, Ph.D. in Leadership & Change in Healthcare

    Antioch University

    Telephone/Text: 818.590.7504


    Maria Caban Alizondo
    Director, HIMS
    UCLA Health System