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Physician Satisfaction Survey?

  • 1.  Physician Satisfaction Survey?

    Posted 09-21-2018 11:53
    Wondering if anyone out there has conducted a Physician Satisfaction Survey of your Medical Staff?  If so, paper or electronic?
    Would you be willing to share some of the questions you asked?  Thanks much!

    Donna Hofer, RHIA
    Director, HIM Department
    RML Specialty Hospital

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    Posted 09-24-2018 10:24

    I conducted a physician satisfaction survey a few years ago that was mostly focused on our new transcription services.  I then sent out another survey three months after changes were made from the previous survey results.

    Since this was a few years ago the survey was sent on paper.  Now if I was conducting a survey again I would probably send on paper to some and electronic to some as some of our providers do not check their email, etc.




    Deloris Farthing, RHIA, CHPS, CHDA, CHTS-TR| Director of Health Information Management

    HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System
    785-623-5813 | FAX 785-623-5078 | | PO BOX 8100, Hays, Kansas 67601

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    Posted 09-25-2018 13:49
    I have done some physician EHR satisfaction surveys and staff employment satisfaction surveys.  Because it's so easy, and because they already have so many templates available, I have usually defaulted to SurveyMonkey.  (Not an endorsement, just familiar with them.)

    I don't think there's a specific one for physician satisfaction, but you can always combine questions from other survey templates and create your own. It's usually a relatively low-cost pursuit; my only advice is to keep it very focused and not too long; otherwise, some people just start choosing options to make it end.  Hope this helps!

    You can look at their templates here:  Healthcare Surveys: Questions & Templates | SurveyMonkey
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    Healthcare Surveys: Questions & Templates | SurveyMonkey
    Healthcare surveys support patient-provider communications by getting feedback from both patients and medical employees. A lot of hospitals, clinics, and other providers have recognized the need for this valuable feedback. Our powerful survey platform can help you analyze the results and export professional charts. Get started now.
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    A. Andrews Dean, CPHIMS, CHDA, CPHI, CPPM, CPC
    Healthcare Informaticist & Health I.T. Consultant -

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    Posted 09-25-2018 13:55

    Thank you!  I couldn't find anything specific to HIM so I did just that.  I went to Survey Monkey and came up with a very short survey.

    Appreciate your response.



  • 5.  RE: Physician Satisfaction Survey?

    Posted 09-26-2018 06:19
    Cannot help with a specific Survey Tool, however a few options exist for physician Quality Improvement, Physician Credentialing  and Allied Health professionals. Paper based record units.

    Quality and Safety Improvement File, 7555 Series, Hanging Style Letter size Folder made from heavy duty pressboard, equipped with Ten (10) manila Index dividers, fastener and 2" expansion capacity. Used In Pull Drawer Filing Systems. Printing Reflects Confidential Quality File, Limited File Access only for Authorized Personnel. Index Tabs are two hole punched on left side, manila, 1/5th Tab Cut, Titles;

    Bank I:

    • Position# 1- ACCESS LOG (Gray)
    • Position# 2- OPPE ( Red)
    • Position# 3- CME CREDITS ( Lt. Yellow)
    • Position# 4- COMMENDATIONS/SPECIAL AWARDS ( Lt. Blue)
    • Position# 5- FPPE (Orange)

    Bank II:

    • Position# 1- PEER REVIEW REPORTS (Lt. Green)
    • Position# 2- COMPLAINTS/CONCERNS ( Pink)
    • Position# 3- CLAIMS (Purple)
    Physician Credentialing Folders

    Keith Sacchini

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    Posted 09-26-2018 09:11