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SCHOOL PROJECT: Benchmarking Email Interview

  • 1.  SCHOOL PROJECT: Benchmarking Email Interview

    Posted 06-30-2020 19:49

    My name is Michelle South and I am currently enrolled in the BS HIM program at the University of Cincinnati.  As part of the Quality and Performance Improvement class, we are required to interview an HIM professional regarding benchmarking practices.

    If you wish to participate, please provide answers to the questions below OR you may email them to me directly at

    Your assistance in completion of this assignment is greatly appreciated!

    ​1) What type of data does your facility benchmark? 

    2) What resources are involved with benchmarking this data? 

    3) What internal or external tools are used for comparison or reporting? 

    4) What outcomes have resulted from benchmarking? 

    5) What opportunities for improvement exist as a result of benchmarking practices? 

    6) If no benchmarking is formally practiced at the facility, why not? 

    6a) Are there plans to implement benchmarking practices? 

    6b) Is informal benchmarking done?  

    Michelle South, RHIT, CCS-P