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Health System Employed Remote Coders

  • 1.  Health System Employed Remote Coders

    Posted 11-07-2018 15:14

    I would appreciate hearing  how you are handling the hospital based annual employee assessment (TB test) for remote employed coders.  If the employee is required to complete this out of State due to their remote location does the hospital reimburse them for this expense?

    Thank you,

    Angela Niparko
    Associate Admin Him

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    Posted 11-08-2018 00:29
    If this is a requirement for employment, surely to heaven it would be reimbursed??

    (The humorous absurdity of requiring TB tests for remote employees with no patient contact is noted. As a retired virtual employee for the VA, I had to take annual training about MRI safety and needle stick protocol, among many other requirements, while working in my jammies. I was well-prepared for the possibility of unsecured O2 bottles flying across my home office.)

    Donna Nelson RHIT, CHDA, CDIP, CCS

  • 3.  RE: Health System Employed Remote Coders

    Posted 11-08-2018 09:28
    ​It is not reimbursed for our staff who are remote and have no patient care contact.  It is covered by their insurance though.  We do let them going during their work hours and use nonproductive time, lunch is for lunch.

    Hope this helps
    Jennifer Ritter, BS, RHIT, CCS
    Coding Manager/Educator

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    Posted 11-08-2018 09:39
    ​Our remote employees are exempt from TB testing. A few years ago, our organization mandated annual flu vaccination as a requirement for employment and we are in process of evaluating if remote employees should be exempted from the flu vaccination. Two perspectives - they don't work onsite or around sick patients;  however for overall health of an insured employee, it might offset health insurance costs if they stay healthy through flu season.

    As a side note, anytime a remote employee is required to drive to a facility for any work related purpose, they are required to be on the clock and paid mileage. Our remote employees are at least within 2 hours of a facility

    Natalie Novak, MHSA, MBA, RHIA
    Executive Director Corporate HIM Division
    Franciscan Alliance

  • 5.  RE: Health System Employed Remote Coders

    Posted 11-08-2018 09:51

    At our facility, we do require our remote associates to take the flu vaccination just as if they were hospital based as we feel that it will benefit them personally as they might not be off sick.  If they don't obtain the vaccine from the hospital then they are required to pay for it themselves and provide the documentation of the vaccination to the hospital for their associate health record.


    Deloris Farthing, RHIA, CHPS, CHDA, CHTS-TR| Director of Health Information Management

    HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System
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