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BIlling & Coding Consulting company

  • 1.  BIlling & Coding Consulting company

    Posted 12-07-2020 13:55

    I work for The Hand Center of Louisiana and my COO is looking for a consulting company to come help Coding & Billing figure out where our opportunities are for improvement. Does any one have any recommendations?

    Amy Martinez
    Billing Office Supervisor, RHIT
    Hand Center of Louisiana
    779-770-4211 - Cell

  • 2.  RE: BIlling & Coding Consulting company

    Posted 12-08-2020 05:13
    Hi Amy,

    I have a focused team of ladies that can help your facility fast track at an affordable rate to significantly improve coding/billing immediately. We have been auditing billing and coding for 10 years or more and work with 15 hospital systems, ambulatory, and specialty facilities and we come with impeccable references. Email or call/text 301-266-0428.

    Kelly Randell
    DRG Analyst
    [G2 Corporation]

  • 3.  RE: BIlling & Coding Consulting company

    Posted 12-08-2020 06:44
    Hi Amy,
    I own a consulting company where I can provide these services remotely and I would be glad to speak with your COO about the needs of your organization.
    Please forward my contact information.
    (813) 421-2207

    Makema Massey RHIT, CCS
    Adjunct Professor of Medical Billing and Coding
    Medical Billing and Coding Consultant
    Hillsborough Community College