Healthcare Leadership and Innovation

  • 1.  RHIT

    Posted 09-17-2019 17:04
    Good evening,

    We have an established employee who just passed their RHIT exam.  We're trying to give them a raise, but HR and Administration feels that since they're performing the same functions, they should be paid the same as before.

    However, with the RHIT and RHIA credentials comes the knowledge and background information necessary to make the informed decisions and function within the department.

    My question is how have other hospitals handled the continued education of their staff?  We want to give this employee the raise that they deserve.  I feel that losing the employee will cost us more than a raise.

    I'm currently working on expanding their job description and making a less specialized and specific job description for my remaining staff.

    I appreciate any feedback you may be able to provide.

    Thank you,

    Jesse Floyd, MHI,RHIA