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Productivity Standards for HIM Tasks

  • 1.  Productivity Standards for HIM Tasks

    Posted 06-18-2019 15:27
    I am looking for productivity standards for HIM tasks for prepping, scanning, quality control, indexing, and ROI.  An organization I work with has been tasked with creating standards for these tasks, but based on my research there are no industry standards and appears to be by organization.  Any guidance or standards example you can provide are appreciated!

    Diana Flood
    Clinical Consultant II

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    Posted 06-19-2019 09:33

    Hi Diana,


    There are many variables involved when looking at productivity standards in the document management and ROI areas.  Things such as type of practice (physician office, ambulatory group, hospital, etc.), which EHR is used, what method of scan/index is used (batch processing or direct into patient chart), use of barcodes/OCR technology, is an ROI vendor involved, or are you fully staffed in-house without vendor assistance, etc. all play into the standards set for productivity.  We are a multi-specialty, physician-owned, ambulatory practice with over 26 sites and nearly 500 Providers.  We recently decentralized scanning, continued with centralized indexing and partner with an ROI vendor for billing, delivery and collection on external release of records.  We use a batch scan process and offices scan by Provider into our indexing software, we do not use barcodes or OCR technology at this time; we previously used some OCR software, discontinued with that vendor, but are exploring both these options are we move forward with a paper reduction initiative.  When we had centralized scanning in the HIM Department, we had a batch scan standard of 210-235 pph, which included the prep-time.  Our indexing is set at 91 pph and also involves tasking providers for signature on documents which they failed to sign off and date prior to scanning (we average nearly 315,000 pages per month into our EHR and have an index team of 18 clerks).  On the ROI side, we have our own staff, but partner with a vendor, utilizing their software for processing and billing/collection.  As we are multi-specialty, the type of information requested varies greatly, so we created two standards for ROI productivity which clerks can meet; either 3 requests processed per hour or 115 pages per hour (we currently process over 2,500 requests per month with a team of 8 clerks).  I hope this shed some light on standards within an HIM Department and all the complexities which should be considered.




    Matt Costa


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    Posted 06-19-2019 09:45
    This is very helpful!  I figure this is why there is not much published research in these areas due to all the variables that can be involved with each step.  It's a pain and a beauty to our field the variety each HIM department can have!​

    Diana Flood
    Clinical Consultant Ii

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    Posted 02-13-2020 17:14
    Agree there are many variables presenting a challenge to get solid number for productivity.  We recently delved into an all-inclusive picture of pph for Scanning (pages prep,scan, index, QA), Analysis (charts analyzed/touched), and ROI (requests processed, calls, walk-ins).  By all inclusive the intent was to capture all tasks completed by the area to get a general baseline to work with with goal of improvement.  Initial data: Prep/scan/index/QA 100 pages ph, Analysis 6 charts ph, and ROI 5 requests ph.  Hope this is helpful.  I am interested in other comparisons if available.

    Janine Zaremba
    Health Information Management Manager
    Midwestern Regional Medical Center