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Student Involvement in Associations

  • 1.  Student Involvement in Associations

    Posted 08-09-2019 14:43
    Good afternoon,

    I am interested in learning how other states involve their student members in their association. Our state has a developing student representative group for this school year and we are brainstorming ideas for how to further engage students to benefit their HIM journeys. I appreciate any input and suggestions!

    Thank you!

    Brittany Hernandez

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    Posted 08-12-2019 09:08
    Hi Brittany,

    Oklahoma has quite a few ways for students to be involved in the association.
    • Student Ambassador Program- students apply to be an Ambassador which places them on the convention committee.  They help with convention planning and execution.  We select a top ambassador each year to become the ambassador chair which is an official board position.
    • Convention Mentor Program- students who are attending convention as a student attendee are paired with an active member attendee in the workforce also attending as a short term mentoring opportunity.  They attend sessions together and are given ample time for mentoring and networking.  They can choose to connect post convention if they wish.
    • Mentor Corner- a committee of members can answer emails from both students and active members regarding anything they need to be mentored on.  Can be a long or short term mentoring opportunity.
    • We previously had student representatives from each CAHIIM program on the board, but with a decline in participation over the years, we haven't had someone in the positions in many years.  Feedback concluded it wasn't enough involvement or benefit so in turn we developed the ambassador program which has been successful each year since.
    • We do outreach with students a few times in year in which a board member will go to the campus and talk about the association and the opportunities for students during and immediately post graduation to help with the transition. 
    • We offer an exam reimbursement to students who pass their RHIA/RHIT exams within 6 months of graduation
    • We have a scholarship fund that grants 4 scholarships a year.

    We are passionate in Oklahoma about getting students involved and retaining them :)  Hope this is helpful!

    Education Director Elect

    Diana Flood
    Clinical Consultant Ii

  • 3.  RE: Student Involvement in Associations

    Posted 08-14-2019 09:52

    Thank you so much for your insight! It looks like Oklahoma has a well developed student program and we can certainly learn a lot from your success. I look forward to sending an update on what our state is able to offer students.

    Thank you again!

    Brittany Hernandez