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Topic: question on CPT code 27506 

1.  question on CPT code 27506

Posted 04-21-2017 09:35

I had a question on Ortho coding and I was hoping to pick all your brains.  I am needing references and resources also.


CPT code 27506 – (Open treatment of femoral shaft fracture, with/without external fixation, with insertion of intramedullary implant, with/without cerclage and/or locking screws) is the code in question. 


Do your doctors bill this code?   How do they bill for percutaneous  insertion of the intramedullary implant using that code as there isn't a dedicated percutaneous code.  


My understanding of the 'open' procedure is in the traditional fashion with an incision through the skin, subQ, muscle, down to the bone.  I know there isn't a percutaneous code for this type of procedure so would you use the 27506 with a modifier to show reduced services? 


I would greatly appreciate any advice, opinions, comments and any resources you may have.  I am drawing a blank with google searches.  Thank you in advance,


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