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Remote Scribes/Scribe Processes/Pre-Charting or Chart Prep

  • 1.  Remote Scribes/Scribe Processes/Pre-Charting or Chart Prep

    Posted 04-15-2019 17:36
    ​​My organization is now using remote/virtual scribes in addition to normal scribe processes.  The question came up last week whether or not the scribe can do chart prep or pre-charting.  The question is coming from our cardiovascular providers.  They want the scribe to look at the schedule for tomorrow and find very specific results/documentation in preparation for the visit.  For example, echo results, cath results, lab results.  The providers state it takes them 7 minutes to find this information for each patient and the scribe could have all of this located and pre-charted for them.

    Our policy currently states that scribe cannot work independent of the provider however it does state they can gather information from EMR.

    Any one allowing scribes do pre-charting or chart prep to assist the physicians/providers with the office visit?


    Cynthia Spann
    Executive Director Health Information
    Community Health Network